Andi Rose

Your Pussy Leaked On My Pants

Juan Loco and Andi Rose argue and tease one other all the time. While she and Juan argue over the keys to the car, Andi invites her friend Braylin Bailey over. As Andi wrestles the keys free and holds them over Juan’s head, Braylin gets some popcorn and observes the altercation. Later, Juan requests the […]

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Grandmothers Underwear

Alex Mack is Chloe Temple’s new stepbrother as a result of her mother’s recent second marriage. When Chloe’s best friend Andi Rose inquires about it, she responds that Alex is reserved and silent. She adds that Alex and Grandma have been going missing a lot at the same time and that her grandma is visiting.

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Dont Pull Down Stepbrothers Pants

Rosalyn Sphinx and her buddy Andi Rose are hanging out on social media and making fun of various males. When Rosalyn’s stepbrother, Robby Echo, returns home from school, the girls are still giggling. He ignores the females and goes upstairs to his room. Rosalyn defends her stepbro, stating he’s a fine man, when Andi tries

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