Grandmothers Underwear

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Alex Mack is Chloe Temple’s new stepbrother as a result of her mother’s recent second marriage. When Chloe’s best friend Andi Rose inquires about it, she responds that Alex is reserved and silent. She adds that Alex and Grandma have been going missing a lot at the same time and that her grandma is visiting. The girls hear sex sounds coming from Grandma’s room as they are making assumptions about it. The females are well aware of what is taking place as soon as Alex leaves the room. Chloe discovers the granny underwear in Alex’s pocket as they bring him up for interrogation.

The girls are curious about Alex and Grandma’s methods. Did they pursue a career as a missionary? Doggy? Given that Grandma is interested, Andi really wants to see how buzzed Alex is. She discovers Alex’s enormous cock as she takes off his pants and reveals it to be true. Andi is no longer joking around; she wants the cock. She yanks down her shorts and gives Alex a fuck with her pussy. Alex isn’t afraid, despite Chloe’s belief that he won’t do it. He fulfills Alex’s request by inserting that large dick inside her twat. Chloe waits for a scorching second before pulling her own shorts down so Alex can devour her from behind.

Chloe moves forward as soon as she witnesses Alex in action since she is curious about how he fucked her grandmother. Andi waits until Chloe is fully engaged before climbing up her face to enjoy riding her best friend’s tongue. Alex lays down next, allowing Andi to reverse cowgirl ride him while Chloe cradles and squeezes him for additional enjoyment. Andi dismounts and thoroughly cleans Alex’s hardon before remounting him in cowgirl mode. Chloe boards for her own ride, which takes her to the highest level of fulfillment. The girls kneel between Alex’s thighs to share his hardon in a double deep throat BJ that doesn’t end until he has released his load for them both to enjoy. They aren’t ones to take without giving. After having their questions answered, they resume making fun of Alex for fucking Grandma.

Pornstar: Andi RoseChloe Temple

Release Date: Feb 4, 2022


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