I Accidentally Fucked My Stepbrother On Valentines Day

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Emma Sirus and her friend Jazmin Luv have decided to decorate Emma’s home in honor of Valentine’s Day, which is quickly approaching. They are in the living room when Emma’s stepbrother Jay Romero enters and compliments them on their work. Jazmin uses the opportunity to do something a little naughty: she mixes some dirty conversation hearts in with the standard conversation hearts while Jay and Emma are having a talk. When Jay takes one, he receives a flirtatious “Let’s fuck” message. Even though he’s a little perplexed, he leaves the girls alone.

Emma tries to persuade Jazmin to explain after Jay has left. She is having a very hot thought in her head at the same time, though. She is particularly interested in seeing Jazmin and Jay fuck. Emma is assured by Jazmin that she can make that happen. Both of the girls change into some Valentine’s Day underwear in the bedroom, however Emma is hesitant to strip off in front of Jazmin. Thankfully, Jazmin is understanding and encouraging, motivating Emma each step of the way. Jazmin guides Emma into the living area where Jay is watching TV after both ladies have dressed up. She immediately starts flirting with her friend’s stepbrother, who is astonished but amenable. Jazmin’s lips are already encircling Jay’s cock by the time Emma is fully turned on and allowing her hands freely wander her titties and twat.

Jazmin invites her pal to play after she realizes how engaged Emma is. Emma is still somewhat reserved, but Jazmin is delighted to be her mentor. She encourages Emma to get a double BJ before convincing her pal to turn around so Emma may crouch down and mount Jay in reverse cowgirl. Jazmin finally receives the D as she bends down in front of Jay for a pussy beating in the dog style and leans in to eat Emma out. When Jazmin stands up, Emma moves forward and spreads her thighs so Jay can load her up with cock. He can’t help but shoot his load because the thought of fucking his stepsister and her friend in an unplanned threesome is so appealing to him. He pulls out come and covers Emma with it so Jazmin may spread it about with her hands.

Pornstar: Emma SirusJazmin Luv

Release Date: Feb 11, 2022


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