Jazmin Luv

My Stepsisters Sexy Thanksgiving

Jazmin Luv is going through a phase when she is expressing herself creatively via her sexuality. Her mother, Ryan Keely, is irritated, and her stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, is taken aback. Jazmin rushes to change her clothes when Ricky arrives for his Thanksgiving lunch with Ryan and Jazmin. While Jazmin is away, Ryan advises Ricky to …

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Are You A Tinkler Or A Sprinkler

Jazmin Luv and her bikini-clad pal Claire Roos are hanging out in the kitchen when Ricky Spanish, Jazmin’s stepbrother, joins them. He has a spray bottle that he uses to squirt Claire and then Jazmin. Despite Claire’s liking with the spray, Jazmin advises Ricky to stop. Ricky uses the chance to inquire as to whether …

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My Stepsisters Fetish

Zach Wild, Jazmin Luv’s stepbrother, is completely unaware of her feelings for him. Jazmin goes into Zach’s bathroom and borrows his electric toothbrush and body massager as part of her fantasy. Jazmin retires to her room and begins to remove her clothing while playing with the massager and then the toothbrush. When Zach walks in, …

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