My Stepsisters Sexy Thanksgiving

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Jazmin Luv is going through a phase when she is expressing herself creatively via her sexuality. Her mother, Ryan Keely, is irritated, and her stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, is taken aback. Jazmin rushes to change her clothes when Ricky arrives for his Thanksgiving lunch with Ryan and Jazmin. While Jazmin is away, Ryan advises Ricky to avoid all contact with his stepsister. Ricky does his best to follow Ryan’s directions until Jazmin emerges in sheer underwear with a strangely themed design. They all take their seats for their supper, but Jazmin is unafraid. Even with her mother around, she exposes her lovely tits to Ricky. She then begins stroking Ricky’s leg in order to make him hard so she can pop his dick out and begin stroking it at the Thanksgiving table.

Ryan finishes her dinner while still completely clueless and then excuses herself to go look at the Black Friday offers. All Jazmin needs to have a crazy time with her stepbrother is that. Ricky tries to ignore Jazmin as she pulls out his hardon and crawls beneath the table for the best angle for a BJ. It’s difficult to look away from his mostly nude stepsister with his dick in her mouth, though! Ricky is dedicated to enjoying this phase of Jazmin’s by the time he climbs onto his lap and sinks down onto his hardon. He removes Jazmin’s sheer bra so he can admire her tits as she shoves them into his face while moving her hips for their mutual delight.

When Jazmin stands up and bends over the table so Ricky can do her from behind, he needs a little more persuasion before giving in. He gives Jazmin the D she’s been seeking, doing his best to keep them both quiet so Ryan doesn’t hear. Jazmin pushes the plates away so she can crawl onto the table and spread her thighs for Ricky. Ricky rises to the occasion, burying his balls deep into that inviting pussy till Jazmin’s gasp is barely audible. Ricky nearly pulls out in time for Jazmin to nut all over his stepsister’s tummy in the conclusion Jazmin had been waiting for.

Pornstar: Jazmin Luv

Release Date: Nov 19, 2021


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