Adding Stepsis And Her Friend To The Spank Bank

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When his stepsister Gracie Gates and her friend Brookie Blair enter the room, Cody Carter is playing video games. Cody finds the girls’ excessive noise disturbing. By snapping images of them wearing their short, tight shorts, he gets back at them. Gracie feels belittled, while Brookie appears to be amused by it. Gracie asks Cody for a ride to the beach a split second later. He claims he lacks the funds to pay for gas and that he wouldn’t drive her in any case. The girls storm off to Gracie’s room after retorting that they’ll just find someone else.

In the end, nobody else wants to take Gracie and Brookie to the beach. After a brief discussion, they return to pleading with Cody for assistance. When they enter his room, they discover him jerking it while remembering how his stepsister and her friend appeared in those booty-hugging shorts. In an effort to be polite, the girls join Cody in bed to support him. Cody’s hardon is wrapped in the girls’ firsts as they tenderly share him in a double blowie, leaving him rock-hard and wet with their saliva. They alternate between sucking the balls and slurping the shaft.

Cody isn’t about to pass up the chance to become part of a stepfamily. While Brookie is being consumed by Gracie, he bends her over and nibbles her pussy. The next person to have her pussy eaten is Gracie, while Cody shoves his balls hard into Brookie’s fuck hole. As she resumes her position in the middle of her BFF and stepbro, Gracie takes it in doggie fashion. Gracie mounts Cody and does a reverse cowgirl ride. She continues to fuck while Brookie rides her face and she climbs onto her back so Cody can give it to her. The ladies switch roles once more so that Brookie may receive a creamy pussy thrashing as Gracie rides on her tongue. After that, the girls get down on their knees and suck Cody’s dick till he runs off for them.

Pornstar: Brookie BlairGracie Gates

Release Date: May 27, 2022


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