Stuck On My Step Sister

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When Logan Pierce spills glue on the table while working on a project, it causes havoc. He is distracted by some porn sent to him by a friend before he can clean it up. He exits the room to engage in some masturbation. Cadey Mercury, Logan’s stepsister, is trapped when she places her palm on the table in the middle of the superglue. She summons Logan, who promises to assist her but only if she fucks him.

Logan pulls down her underwear and pushes it in from behind her as she grudgingly submits to his demands. Cadey is in such a nice mood that he can’t help but cuddle up to her. He maintains his half of the bargain to free her, then demands that he get his money out of her. He offers to lick the rest of it off her pussy after he fingers it out.

When Logan removes Cadey from the room, he turns her around by her hair and asks her to do the same for him. She starts sucking with her sassy mouth open, and she keeps doing so until Logan is nice and hard for round two. She turns around and takes another pussy pounding from behind before rolling over onto her back to watch Logan bang her landing strip twat. Logan pulls out and aims for Cadey’s perky boobs, covering them in a torrent of jizz as she explodes in passion.

Pornstar: Cadey Mercury

Release Date: Sep 15, 2017


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