Cheer Practice

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Ms. Faris and her friend Ember Stone are rehearsing their cheer routines in their cheer outfits, while Ms. Steele’s stepbrother Codey Steele keeps an eye on them. Cody can’t keep his hard dick in his pants any longer, so he strokes it off while watching the private show. He eventually comes up with the brilliant idea of donning his own cheerleading gear and informing the girls that he has joined the team. Ms can’t stop thinking about how sexy he looks in his skintight spandex. Ember isn’t a fan, but she gives Codey the benefit of the doubt.

Ms eventually complains that her pants are irritating her and removes them. They progress to leg raises, allowing Ms’ pussy to dangle freely. Ember is offended by the indecency, especially when Cody whips out his dick and fucks Ms from behind. When Ember rages out of the room, Cody and Ms drop all pretense and start slamming at each other. They begin on their feet, then move to Ms’s bed, where she moans with unrestrained sexual abandon.

Ms peels off her uniform and climbs on top of Codey’s hardon, seating herself until her bare twat is fully impaled. Her stiffie ride takes on new meaning when she turns around to show Codey her naughty pierced nipples, which he can’t seem to get his hands off of. Mia is on her back, enjoying her day’s final climax when she begs her stepbrother to cum in her pussy. They’re still basking in the afterglow when Ember returns and quits Ms’s friendship as well as the cheer squad.

Pornstar: Ember StoneMs Faris

Release Date: Aug 24, 2018


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