Bribing Brother

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Emily Willis, a sassy girl, is dressed to the nines when her stepbrother Jason pulls her aside and tells her she’s looking slutty. Emily removes her stiletto shoes and tears off her dress in front of her stepbrother after he tells her to change clothes and perform her tasks. Emily goes down to her bra and thong and gets to work. She gets the idea to remove her bra to see how it affects Jason, and then she tries to seduce him. He answers by putting her on a chair and slipping a finger inside her bare twat while moving her panties aside. As he leaves her poised to explode, her meaty tiny fuck hole readily takes Jason’s finger.

Emily relishes the fact that she now has a way of getting what she wants. She opens her sassy little mouth and starts sucking as she drops to her knees and whips out Jason’s hardon. She can’t get enough of her stepbrother’s dick, but she’s looking for more than a taste. Emily moves over to the couch, where Jason takes a seat, and slides down over his stiffie to give him a ride. As she enjoys herself, her eager strokes leave her moaning long and loudly.

Emily can spread her legs and watch as her stepbrother takes her back to orgasmic heights as the stepsiblings trade places. After that, they move their fuckfest to Emily’s bedroom, where she jumps onto Jason’s hardon and lets her very slender body do all the talking. Emily turns onto her back and smiles with her mouth open as Jason covers her with a jizz facial that she joyfully eats after a doggy-style romp. Emily jumps out of bed, satisfied that her stepbrother is putty in her hands, and proclaims that she is now going out in her slutty attire.

Pornstar: Emily Willis

Release Date: Aug 17, 2018


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