A Slice Of My Stepsisters Pie

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With their baking, Britt Blair and her buddy Haley Spades are bringing Thanksgiving to life. The two blondes keep an eye on the oven to make sure their homemade pies are done. Tyler Cruise, Britt’s stepbrother, is making Thanksgiving crafts and taking numerous racy looks up the girls’ miniskirts as they are baking. The girls start chatting among themselves about how lewd their stepfathers are. Britt responds that Haley should go ahead because she already done it when she says that she would totally fuck Britt’s stepfather. To flash and give Britt’s stepdad pie, they call him down. Tyler’s ears defy belief!

Tyler heard and saw all of that, as Haley points out, and Britt says she might want to indulge in some stepfamily fetish fulfillment. Tyler gets the notion to put his TP roll turkey on his dick after the girls flank him and make fun of his crafts. That only makes the girls make fun of him for having such a small erection. Tyler replies that it’s definitely not small. Britt knows Tyler won’t fuck her, so she taunts him by kneeling down and flipping her miniskirt up. Before Tyler slides it in and starts beating her in the dog, she is laughing with Haley. Haley starts to masturbate while she watches her friend get fucked by her stepbrother since it is so amazing to see.

Tyler won’t give up with just his stepsister by his side. He places Haley on her back with her head in Britt’s lap and demonstrates to her in person how the ideal size of his dick is. Tyler takes a seat as Haley assists him in reverse cowgirl fucking Britt because the females are still clamoring for more. She gets to enjoy one final ride with Tyler while dressing up as a cowgirl and watching Britt masturbate. The girls then kneel down to Tyler to suck him off and stroke his fuck stick till Tyler gives them a double facial of come in return.

Pornstar: Britt BlairHaley Spades

Release Date: Nov 18, 2022


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