Stepsis Works It Out

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For pajama day at school, Chanel Camryn is looking stylish and seductive. Jason, her stepbrother, reprimands her for wearing a crop top and short shorts. He informs her that if she wears that to school, everyone of his friends would want to screw her. Jason clearly has a boner, which Chanel claims is a sign that he wants to fuck her. For a while, the stepsiblings argue back and forth, with Jason demanding Chanel change and Chanel inching closer to that attractive stiffie.

Chanel eventually exposes her tits for Jason to see. She goes after the things while he is preoccupied. As Chanel rubs her hands up and down the shaft, her stepbrother’s erection pops free from his slacks. After some convincing, Jason agrees to skip first period with her so they can practice their squats the way she knows he’s wanted to. They enter the bedroom, where Chanel suckles BJ in a deep throat while stuffing the D into her tart lips.

Aboard the fuck stick express, Chanel peels off her own shorts to reveal her tan lines and bare twat before riding her stepbro like a cowgirl. She turns around and lets Jason kiss that cute butt while continuing to host their party in reverse cowgirl fashion. In order for Jason to rub his hardon between her ass cheeks and then ram home in a dog, she slurps her own goo from his dick and then gets down on her knees. Chanel eventually gets enough pussy beating on her back, and she begs Jason to cum all over her.

Pornstar: Chanel Camryn

Release Date: Nov 11, 2022



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