Lets Cum Together

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Avi Love and her closest friend Selena Stone are reading erotica in the afternoon. Selena is so hot that she can’t stop herself from slipping her hand down and masturbating. Avi ultimately observes her friend’s pussy diddling and finds it really appealing. She recommends that they try to cum together while masturbating at the same time. Selena accepts, and the two girls lie down together, each building up to a climax.

Unbeknownst to them both, Avi’s stepbrother, Codey Steele, is spying on them and doing some stroking of his own. Selena soon notices Codey, but she is hot as hell and continues on her way. Codey can’t wait any longer for the females to reach their objective of cumming in tandem. He storms in to see if Selena will allow him to fuck her. Avi is uninterested, but Selena is intrigued.

Avi isn’t pleased with that response. She is adamant that she can make her friend cum better than Codey, so the two of them set out to show Selena that they are the best. Avi is brilliant with her mouth, as Codey whips out his fuck stick. Avi becomes so engrossed in her sensuous haze that she encourages Codey to bang her as well. Avi is completely enamored with the thought of her stepbrother giving her a facial so she can share a jizzy kiss with her pal by the time the girls have had enough.

Pornstar: Avi LoveSelena Stone

Release Date: Nov 9, 2018


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