Taking Sis For A Spin

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Elsa Jean breaks into her stepbrother Tony’s room in an attempt to steal his money and car keys, but he catches her red-handed. Rather than apologizing, this sassy sis brazenly lies about her actions. Elsa tries to bribe Tony when he calls her out on her bad behavior. Tony isn’t interested in anything else that Else has to give. Finally, Tony informs Elsa that stealing from him comes with a blowjob. She considers it and then tries to make a deal. Tony informs her that the price has increased to include her being naked so he can put his hands on her tits and ass.

When Tony has had enough of toughing it out, Elsa drops to her knees and pulls out his fuck stick, rubbing him off. Her handiwork progresses to a blowjob. Tony’s suspicions that his stepsister is incredible with her sassy tongue are validated as she deep swallows his hardon until he screams. Tony lays down for more sucktastic action after guiding her back to the bed, then watches in awe as his spinner stepsis keeps her part of the bargain and hops on his fuck stick to ride him forth and backward.

Elsa is giddy with delight as she feels her stepbrother’s massive cock buried inside her tiny twat. She gets down on her knees and looks over her shoulder as Tony dominates her fuck hole. He continues to pound Elsa’s pussy until she is completely fulfilled, then instructs her to return to her knees and blow him until he fills her mouth with jizz. Tony tells her that he’ll keep silent about her deviant behavior while her stepbrother’s seed is still pouring down her face.

Pornstar: Elsa Jean

Release Date: Nov 16, 2018

TAGS: Cowgirl,

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