Squirting StepSister

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Lacey Channing and her boyfriend Jason are having a good time when Lacey’s stepbrother Justin Hunt walks in. He’s not impressed by Jason’s technique, and he’s shocked when Lacey blows him a kiss after she’s finished cumming to acknowledge that she was aware he was there. Lacey takes a nap on the couch the next morning, dressed in a short shirt and slacks. Justin can see how wet her underwear are, and when she begins masturbating her bald twat in her sleep, he tries not to stare.

Justin can’t help but stare as Lacey burys two fingers knuckle deep in her greedy twat. She admits that she was awake the entire time and leads him into the bedroom. If Justin’s cock is hard, she offers to fuck him. Lacey sinks to her knees, admiring the length of Justin’s big dick, and worships her stepbrother’s dick with her hands and mouth.

Lacey strips naked and pushes Justin onto the bed so she can ride his massive stiffie until she cums. She sucks her own juices off of him in another BJ, then gets on her hands and knees for some pussy pounding in the doggy style. She flips onto her back and spreads her legs, allowing Justin to slam into her until she reaches another squirt. Lacey rubs her fingers through the wetness and licks them clean when Justin pulls out to cover her with his cum shot.

Pornstar: Lacey Channing

Release Date: Nov 17, 2017


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