Road Trip Episode 2

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On their family road trip, Katya Rodriguez and her stepbrother Brad Sterling are still going hard. This time, they make a pit stop to pick up Lily Rader, their adopted cousin, so they can transport her to college. Because she believes Katya is sleeping, Lily begins flirting with Brad right away. She displays her tits at him and rushes over to the bunk where he’s relaxing. Brad soon had his finger on her hairy pussy. He goes inside her from behind, whipping out his dick.

Lily hops back on her cousin’s dick, urging Brad down into the chair on the lower part of the RV, so she can ride his hardon while rubbing her clit. He drags her away, pounding her pussy until her entire body trembles from the force of her climax. Then she gets down on her knees and sucks Brad off. Lily’s hand stroking Brad’s stiffie at the last moment makes Brad cum while his dick is aimed all over Katya’s face. She declares that she is awake, but her cousin arrives to lick her clean.

The two girls are both open to some threesome action with Brad now that they’ve started touching each other. They collaborate to give him another blowjob before taking turns riding his dick. They then switch who gets her pussy pounded on her back while the other girl eats out the other. Brad fucks Lily so hard that she can’t stop exploding! He cums inside her moments later to fill her with a hot creampie. The remainder of the journey is spent in companionable silence.

Pornstar: Katya Rodriguez, Lily Rader

Release Date: Nov 10, 2017


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