My Stepbrother Wants To Feel Me Up

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Aria Valencia enters the living room where Jay Romero is watching television. When Jay remarks on how many shopping bags Aria has, Aria acknowledges that she struggles with self-control. Jay admits to Aria that he struggles with impulse control as well. He wants to approach unidentified street females, lift their shirts, and then rub his hands over their nipples until they are hard. Aria requests that Jay show her. She meant over her shirt, but Aria doesn’t stop Jay when he lifts her shirt and offers her a real-life demonstration. When Aria admits that she didn’t anticipate Jay to rub her boobs, Jay is so mortified that he bolts from the room.

Later, as Aria and Jay are cleaning the dining room, Aria makes amends with her stepbrother by admitting that she too experiences sexual urges. She wants to approach men, pull down their pants, and play with the D as she speaks to the man’s mother as if nothing is wrong. Then Aria offers to allow Jay to play with her tits once more. He complies with Aria’s request and then asks if she’ll try to play with his dick in front of his mother. Since they all live together and Aria doesn’t want to cause any awkwardness, they decide to play it out instead of doing it in real life. Aria unzips Jay’s pants and fondles him before describing her fantasy while her hands act it out. She then says she’d probably want to suck on Jay’s cock. She fulfills her promise by bending down to her knees and giving Jay’s hardon a sloppy deep throat BJ.

The two stepsiblings give up trying to fight it since they are both overcome by the urge to fuck. On the couch, Aria reclines and lifts one leg so Jay can get deep twats with his balls. Aria positions herself so Jay can grab her from behind by getting down on his knees. Jay then takes a seat, allowing Aria to get on the cock and take off in a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Aria resumes her blow job by getting off her stepbrother’s dick and crouching down between his legs. Aria continues to talk about how much she fantasizes about Jay cumming all over himself in front of his mother as he gets closer to popping. The last line irritates Jay, causing him to blow his fill to their mutual enjoyment.

Pornstar: Aria Valencia

Release Date: May 6, 2022


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