Do Or Die

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Riley Reid and her stepbrother Tony are experimenting with their Ouija board to see if the spirits have anything to say. The ghosts begin to communicate, much to Riley’s joy! They do, however, ask her to remove her trousers. Riley doesn’t play around with the afterlife, so she follows the instructions. Riley caves in when the board orders her to give Tony a blowjob and sucks him into a deep throat BJ.

It should come as no surprise that sex is next on the agenda. Riley begins on her back, her thighs spread wide, inviting Tony to join them. As he pounds into her cream-filled snatch, her hairy muff is a welcoming sight. Riley then gets down on her hands and knees so Tony can go all out.

Tony helps Riley climb to the top of the bed so she may ride his fuck stick. As Riley continues to ride him, she reaches back to widen her ass cheeks so Tony can get a glimpse of her chocolate starfish. Riley gets off that dick after she’s gotten her fill and goes back to sucking Tony off till he rewards her with a jizz facial, which she gleefully plays with as she comes down from her high.

Pornstar: Riley Reid

Release Date: Oct 25, 2019


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