Step Sisters Fashion Show

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Lovely Thalia Diaz has just returned home from shopping and is eager to show off her adorable new clothing for Jay, her stepbrother. She wants his input, and Jay is taken aback when he notices that his bothersome stepsister looks fantastic in her new outfit. The final suit is completely transparent, giving Jay a full boner. Thalia observes, but instead of becoming irritated, she resolves to assist him take care of his needs. After all, she was the one who started the conflict.

Thalia takes Jay’s cock in her hand and begins stroking it. She becomes unexpectedly hot as a result, and she leans in to open wide and begin sucking. From there, it’s a simple decision for this cumbersome beauty to determine that she and her bro can have a great time together. She persuades Jay to allow her test out his dick, then descends on him with her back to him so he can view her enormous ass while riding his cock.

Thalia rolls onto her back and spreads herself wide open for some fun with Jay. She ultimately goes down on her stomach so Jay may go shopping. Jay squeezes that ass, hammering away till his sis cums, guided by Thalia’s joy moans. Jay pulls out a scorching minute later to blast his load all over Thalia’s gorgeous bottom. That’s the finest complement her huge stepbro can offer her about her clothes, but they don’t get any afterglow since their parents arrive just as they’re finishing up.

Pornstar: Thalia Diaz

Release Date: Nov 27, 2020


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