Whos Dirty Now

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Percy Sires, who is always busy, is sick of being the only one around here who cares about cleanliness. Damon Dice, her stepbrother, refuses to wash his hands before eating or after using the restroom. When Percy attempts to press the matter by turning on the sink for Damon, he claims that it simply forces him to pee. Damon claims he can’t pee with his sister standing there since Percy won’t leave. Percy’s only option is to pull his cock out and hold it for Damon while he pees. Regrettably, this only gives him a boner. Damon will be unable to urinate until he has gotten rid of it.

Percy is furious at Damon, but she grudgingly agrees to stroke his hardon in order to assist him. If that doesn’t work, she goes down on her knees in the restroom and begins sucking him off. Working her hands and mouth isn’t enough, so Percy volunteers to go into Damon’s bedroom and offer up her body to assist him with his problem. Damon is content to strip his sister of her clothing and use her body to satisfy his desires.

They begin by getting Percy down on her hands and knees so Damon can carry her in. Percy can’t get enough of her older brother’s fuck stick after she’s gotten a taste. She climbs on Damon for a backwards cowgirl ride. Damon slides into her while holding her ankle up to properly open her up, so she sprawls on the bed. Damon can’t get enough of watching his stepsister’s titties bounce as he smacks her about. As he pulls out to cover Percy with cum, he is finally startled by the sight. Percy provides her pussy at any moment as long as Damon washes his hands while she enjoys this new aspect of their connection.

Pornstar: Percy Sires

Release Date: Dec 4, 2020


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