I Made A Mistake You Cant Fuck My Stepbrother

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In order to let her stepbrother Jay Romero know that the friend who has been coming over constantly lately has a major crush on him, Xxlayna Marie goes to his room. Jay is then informed by Xxlayna that Gracie Gates has a fatal illness. Although Gracie truly wants Jay to fuck her, it’s not contagious. Jay nods in agreement before finding out that Gracie was waiting right outside the door. Gracie enters for a kiss as Xxlayna exclaims “PSYCH” and bursts out laughing.

Jay is naturally shocked by the practical joke, but Gracie turns to face him and says, “I wasn’t kidding; I’ve had a crush on you for a long time.” Gracie reclines, takes off her shorts, and spreads her thighs so Jay can move her underwear aside and bury his balls into her tight twat over Xxlayna’s squeals of resistance. As Xxlayna begins to enjoy watching her BFF screw her stepbrother, she soon stops objecting. She even finds herself rubbing her own pussy. As Jay continues to fuck her, Gracie invites Xxlayna to join in and she climbs up onto her friend’s face to allow her lap at her clit.

The unexpected threesome begins in full as Xxlayna kneels down to allow Jay to enter her from behind. Gracie takes a seat in front of Xxlayna so that the latter can follow the moisture of Gracie’s wet slit with her fingertip. As they collaborate to brighten Jay’s day with their hot little hands and tongues, the girls enjoy a brief double blowjob. Then Gracie mounts Jay and rides him in cowgirl fashion by taking advantage of Jay’s position on his back. Since Gracie knows that Xxlayna values having the last ride, she climbs up the D and assists her friend in boarding for a reverse cowgirl joy that leaves her groaning. Just as Jay is about to pull away, his load blows all over Gracie’s stomach.

Pornstar: Gracie GatesXxlayna Marie

Release Date: May 20, 2022


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