So You Want To Be A Stripper

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Lexie Fux is looking for work, and what better way for her to gain money than stripping at a nightclub? She needs to audition, so she tapes herself rehearsing her skills so she can improve. Jay, her stepbrother, enters the room. Although both stepsiblings are taken aback, Lexie has the brilliant notion of practicing her techniques on Jay. Lexie finds that Jay is difficult after giving him a show. He explains that his dick is unaware that she is his stepsister, and she ultimately agrees to do a lap dance for him.

Jay doesn’t waste any time in separating his shorts, exposing his cock for Lexie to slide down on. Lexie attempts to scream foul as soon as she knows her brother’s dick is in her, but they both know she enjoys it too much to stop. She repeats her lap dance, but this time with a little more cock in her pussy. She decides to shake things up by sucking her own juices from Jay’s hardon and then remounting to ride him in cowgirl mode.

Jay reaches up to grab his sister’s lovely bouncing titties, enjoying the stiffie ride. She spins around to give him another look at that jerk, then bends forward so he can slam her against the wall. Jay can’t help but poke his head out of Lexie’s tight pussy and rub his dick on her tender ass crack. Lexie’s delighted groans keep him diving in and out of her cooch, especially as she widens her cheeks apart to offer him a better look. Jay eventually fucks Lexie by sticking his thumb into her ass. While seeing her huge tits bounce in rhythm to his strokes, he flips her over to give her the hard pussy pounding he craves. When Jay has had enough, he walks up to Lexie and cums all over her stomach while complementing her routine.

Pornstar: Lexie Fux

Release Date: May 29, 2020


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