Are You Trying To Make My Nipples Hard

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Oliver Flynn, Jazmin Love’s stepbrother, is attempting to snoop on her titties, which is causing her a lot of grief. Oliver keeps the air conditioner turned down to keep Jazmin chilly and her nipples firm. He also has other tricks in his sleeve, such as placing an ice pack on Jazmin’s neck. When Jazmin confronts Oliver about it, he claims it’s only fair that he gets to make her nipples hard and perv on her after she stepped nude into his shower to push him out the other day.

Oliver can hardly have a conversation with Jazmin since those firm nipples keep distracting him. Jazmin has finally had enough! She raises her top and informs Oliver that this is the last time he’ll see her boobs, so he’d best get it out of his system. Oliver is even invited to reach out and touch Jazmin. When Oliver interprets this as permission to lean in and lick Jazmin’s nipples, she stops him dead in his tracks before deciding she enjoys it. After a few minutes, Jazmin realizes Oliver has popped a boner in their tormenting. It’s a really pleasant cock, and Jazmin realizes she wants to try it. Oliver isn’t going to stop her from removing his pants and opening them wide to give her a wonderful passionate blowjob.

When Jazmin offers to climb upon Oliver’s stiffie, he assists her in peeling off her shorts and removing her thong so she can stuff her tight twat with that wonderful dick. Jazmin pauses for a while to savor the sensation of completeness before jumping up and down. As Oliver places his hands on her enormous ass, she rotates around for a cowgirl ride. Oliver gets a new perspective on Jazmin’s bottom as she crawls down on her hands and knees and dives deep into her fuck hole. When Jazmin lies onto her back and invites him between her thighs one final time, he finishes her off. Oliver is on the verge of passing out as he watches his stepsis come hard around his dick and then lift up her tits so he can see her erect nipples. He pulls away and nuts all over Jazmin’s stomach, leaving her in desperate need of a wash.

Pornstar: Jazmin Luv

Release Date: Sep 10, 2021


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