Stretching My Step Sister

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Kyle Mason and his stepsister Jessie Saint had a brief romance a few years back, but they’ve vowed to quit fucking each other. When Jessie approaches Kyle to help her stretch before going to the gym, Kyle is first worried that she is breaking their agreement to stop doing it. Jessie says she only wants assistance, even doing some warmup stretches herself. When Kyle finds a minor hole in her leggings, it instantly draws his attention. He promises to assist Jessie in stretching, but he can’t take his gaze away from the peekaboo hole. As she waits for the ideal time in her stretching to brush her ass against Kyle’s cock and bring his boner to full attention, Jessie realizes precisely what her attire is doing to him.

Jessie is adamant that she wants to fuck now that Kyle has verified his desire. Kyle is still hesitant since they vowed not to, but Jessie would not back down. She reaches back and tears that little hole wide open, thoroughly exposing her pussy and ass. Kyle can’t help himself, it’s such a lovely image, especially as Jessie reaches back to stroke his hardon. Kyle knows there’s no going back once he caves in and pushes his dick into his stepsister’s tight fuck hole.

Jessie licks her own fluids off her brother’s dick after a doggy style fuck before crawling on top to ride him in her cream filled snatch. Her little toes bounce as she takes him on a journey that indicates they should fuck frequently! Jessie then lays onto her back and brings her legs back to her shoulders, thoroughly opening herself up. Kyle pounding away at her tight twat, meeting Jessie’s every demand before pulling back to coat her huge pussy with jizz. Kyle attempts to reinforce that this is the last time as they enjoy the aftermath, while Jessie chuckles at the concept.

Pornstar: Jessie Saint

Release Date: Jan 17, 2020


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