My Step Sister Sucked My Dick During Online Class

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Angelica Cruz has been imprisoned in the same house as her gorgeous stepbrother, Kyle Mason, since lockdown began. There is no other dick available. Alas! So, what does a cock-hungry coed do? Fucking her brother is the obvious solution. Angelica tries to carry out her plan by waiting till Kyle has risen from his bed. She slips into his bed and waits for him mostly naked behind the covers. When Kyle returns, he discovers Angelica, but instead of giving in to her sexual demands, he kicks her out.

Angelica isn’t going down without a fight. She saunters into the room after Kyle has settled in for an online lesson. Because there’s a camera focussed on him, Kyle has to restrain his response when his sister exposes her tits. Angelica doesn’t stop there; she climbs behind the desk and extracts Kyle’s fuck stick, allowing her to suck him down. She continues her BJ until Kyle is able to turn off his camera and give his stepsis the pussy beating she has been requesting. Kyle pushes his cock all the way inside Angelica’s massive ass while pulling her close.

Kyle goes down at his computer desk and pulls Angelica into his lap, intensifying their canine fuckfest. She smiles as she rides his ramrod, bouncing away in a pace that makes her pant. Kyle pushes his computer aside and pulls Angelica up to the desk. Angelica is gasping from one more climax in that position, which prompts Kyle to flee. He yanks Angelica’s velvet glove off and wraps his jizz around her shaved snatch. Kyle then realizes that he had not turned off his camera and that the entire class may watch him slamming his sister.

Pornstar: Angelica Cruz

Release Date: Jun 19, 2020


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