Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl

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Despite being a bit of a naughty girl, Madi Collins has made the decision to change for the better. She needs Jason, her stepbrother, to assist her. Madi has to borrow money in order to purchase a couple more modest dresses because she only has trashy clothing. Only if Madi suckers his dick or if Jason charges her a hefty interest rate will he lend her money. Madi reasons that sucking her stepbrother’s dick instead of making a large financial repayment will only be a wise financial move. Jason reminds the skeptics that Madi likes it and that they have done this many times before. Madi says it’s the final time before engaging Jason in a deep throat BJ because she’s a good girl now. She claims that Jason is going too quickly and that she is not at all having fun.

The following day, Madi continues to pursue her new good girl lifestyle by attending class. She is informed by Jason that he has made a choice after giving it some thought. Jason will allow Madi to use his car, but only after she consents to have a behind-the-back fuck from him. She consents, but only if he allows her to study while they are working out. Jason approaches Madi from behind, pulls up her miniskirt, and takes off her underwear so he can enter the house from behind. Despite her initial attempts to hide it, Madi eventually gives up pretending she doesn’t love every square inch of her stepbro’s dick. Madi pushes Jason onto his back and then proceeds to have her way with him.

The first blowie Madi received allowed her to lick her own juices from Jason’s fuck stick. Jason gets to enjoy his spinner stepsister’s large ass with lots of squeezes and spankings as she straddles his thighs and sinks down on him in reverse cowgirl. Then, while Madi continues to bounce on Jason’s hardon, she turns around to stroke her clit. To let Jason to hold her in place and pump up into that eager twat, she rotates around one more. Jason slaps her chubby pussy till Madi eventually rolls onto her back and lets out one last groan. He gives his stepsister a face as he steps away, covering her spectacles in the process. Madi acknowledges that she was acting badly and sexily for her stepbrother when Jason tries to call her out on it.

Pornstar: Madi Collins

Release Date: Feb 18, 2022


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