Youre Going To Get Cum On Your Face

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For her first date with a guy who adores her perky boobs, Alicia Williams is suited up beautiful and attractive. Jason, her stepbrother, overhears Alicia talking to a friend about her dress. He confronts her about her attire because he believes it sends the wrong impression. He promises to teach her how to dress sexily without exposing too much skin. They enter Alicia’s room, where Jason chooses some sweatpants for her. Despite his objections, she gets undressed and then decides she doesn’t like the clothing while still naked. Jason panic out and walks away, warning Alicia that she would receive come on her face if she continues.

When Alicia subsequently joins Jason on the couch to apologize, she learns how difficult he is. She has no problem with removing Jason’s stiffie and leaning forward to begin sucking. Alicia is left wanting more after blowing her stepbrother’s firm dick. She entices him to give it to her by stripping off her clothing so he may enjoy her nude figure once more. She takes Jason into the bedroom, where she keeps sucking him off before rolling onto her back and widening herself for Jason to shove it in.

Alicia gets down on her hands and knees and gives her heart-shaped ass to Jason, who palms her doggy style. She entices him even more by bending all the way forward and then pulling her cheeks apart with both hands. Following another round of sucking Jason off, Alicia climbs to the top for a cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl ride that leaves Jason speechless. They finish up with Alicia on her back until Jason can’t wait any longer to pull out and jizz all over his sister’s face, exactly like he had promised.

Pornstar: Alicia Williams

Release Date: Mar 27, 2020




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