Stepsis Always Gets What She Wants

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Chloe Temple is found by Nathan Bronson looking through the couch cushions in the living room. She replies that she is looking for Nathan’s car keys so she may borrow his vehicle and visit her boyfriend when he asks what she is doing. Despite Chloe’s polite request, Nathan doesn’t like that. She offers to help Nathan however he needs it. She is instructed to turn around and give him an assshake. Chloe is then instructed to flash her tits to get the keys.

Chloe reluctantly allows Nathan to see the products despite her hesitation. But he’s not done forcing Chloe to beg. With a promise to let her use his car, Nathan squeezes the goods before having Chloe turn around and carefully undo her underpants. After following orders, Chloe asks Nathan whether he’s happy now, to which he replies, “Almost.” He first requests that Chloe touch his dick. Chloe nods in agreement and kneels down to kiss Nathan goodbye. Chloe licks the D and suckers it down while leaning in. The stepsibs eventually come to an agreement where Chloe will allow Nathan to fuck her in exchange for usage of his car for the remainder of the week.

Chloe walks over to the couch and spreads herself out for Nathan to deliver it to her. She then kneels down for some pleasure in the manner of a dog. Chloe mounts Nathan and rides the stiffie cowgirl-reverse. She starts to groan as her bottom moves in a delicious cadence, and she continues coming back for more. The only thing Nathan could do to make Chloe’s fuck fest better is to give her a large creampie, and he is more than delighted to do it. As Chloe licks their mixed juices from Nathan’s hardon, they chuckle and agree that they ought to do this more frequently.

Pornstar: Chloe Temple

Release Date: Oct 7, 2022


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