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T Stone, Chloe Scott’s stepbrother, is changing clothes after choir rehearsal. When he orders her to stop interfering with her pure life, she shows her tits. Chloe discovers T’s dick is hard when she tackles him onto the bed. She decides to seduce him so that they can both be freaks. The next thing T knows, Chloe is massaging him and taking off her shorts as she tries to sway him away from his pure life.

Chloe leans forward and slides her pierced tongue over T’s hardon before delivering a full-throttle blowjob. She then rolls onto her back, encouraging her stepbrother to slide it inside her naked twat. As he fucks her, she reaches down to rub her clit, then guides his hand to her tits so he can enjoy every moment of their fuck fest.

Chloe straddles T and slips down to take control for a full-fledged titty bouncing stiffie ride after pushing him down. That gets her off, but she still wants T to take her from behind so that he may try out different positions. Chloe pins him down and sucks him off until he fills her mouth with a jet of come as soon as she cums again from her stepbrother’s pussy pounding.

Pornstar: Chloe Scott

Release Date: Feb 16, 2018


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