Twins Take Turns

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Tony is now Sami White’s stepbrother, and he can’t get enough of her gorgeous physique. He keeps an eye on Sami anytime he gets a glimpse of her nude. He takes advantage of any opportunity to speak with Sami while she is still in her underwear. Tony is taking the automobile keys in today’s dispute. Sami encourages him to go ahead and do it, but he’ll wait and see what happens.

Later, when Sami has her twin Joey go in and seduce Tony, the sisters carry out their plan. Joey informs Tony that she finds him attractive and would like to collaborate on a sex tape with him. She displays her tits and butts before demanding that he take out his phone so she may video it. Joey puts his hand on her naked twat while Tony attempts to resist.

Tony finally accepts, and Joey begins sucking his enormous dick. Joey leans over on the couch, claiming she wants to fuck, so Tony can enjoy her large ass as he pounds her from behind. When Sami steps in and gives Tony the shock of his life, they’re just getting started. Tony had no idea Joey existed because the twins were separated at birth and are only now getting to know each other. Sami wasn’t expecting Joey to fuck their stepbrother, so the sisters get together to discuss the situation. Because Joey can’t get enough of Tony’s enormous dick, the ladies decide to take turns fucking him so they can both enjoy their stepbrother.

Tony was allowed to lead the girls back to their room. He compares their pussies before moving on to their asses. When Tony urges them to share his dick, Joey begins sucking and then passes the baton to Sami. They switch like pros until Tony can’t wait to fuck them any longer. Joey is on her knees, while Sami is masturbating near them. Then it’s Sami’s turn for some doggie pussy bashing. The girls roll onto their backs and wait patiently while Tony tastes both of their products. The females then take turns spinning on Tony’s fuck stick. When he’s finished with both girls, Tony pushes them to their knees so he can give the twins a double facial, allowing them to sample his come.

Pornstar: Joey WhiteSami White

Release Date: Nov 1, 2019


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