Sis Loves A Man In Uniform

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Kyler Quinn looks amazing in a swimsuit. Codey Steele, her stepbrother, can’t take his gaze away from her. Kyler only wants a man in uniform, which is unfortunate for Codey. She belittles her stepbro while also hinting that if he matured into a true man, she might think differently of him. Codey decides to join the army. Kyler approaches him a year later, newly home from boot camp, wearing the same bikini but with a different attitude. She inquires as to why Codey joined up, but he responds that he is now a different man. Kyler finds herself in an unexpected role reversal in her relationship with her stepbrother.

When Kyler discovers that her striptease has given Codey a boner, she is rewarded for her perseverance. Kyler starts sucking and stroking to increase his excitement to a fever pitch, ignoring Codey’s objections. Codey is eager to give Kyler what she wants after he has felt her lips wrapped around his fuck stick. He is soon buried balls deep into his stepsister, precisely as he had imagined a year ago.

Kyler is hooked now that she understands how fantastic Codey is in the sack. She shoves him onto the bed and goes on top of him to ride him. Kyler then rolls over and opens her legs, inviting Codey back within. Codey pushes himself to the edge, guided by Kyler’s satisfaction moans and her pounding pussy. Then, in a cum shot that has been a year in the making, he pulls out and covers his stepsis.

Pornstar: Kyler Quinn

Release Date: May 15, 2020


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