Step Sister Competition

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Instead of their adopted sister, Macy Meadows, Chloe Temple wants her stepbrother, Jason, to take her to the fair. The girls fight about who will be the one to depart. Chloe believes she has an advantage over Macy since she offers Jason fruit, but Macy is well aware that Jason is just interested in sex. She reappears in her underwear and a short shirt, proposing to do a striptease. Before things get out of hand, Chloe barges in on Macy and tells her that she can do it better.

The sisterly rivalry heats up as the sisters decide that giving Jason a blowout is the best method to select the winner. Chloe is the first to lean in and begin sucking, but Macy isn’t far behind. When Jason still hasn’t made up his mind after his double BJ, the females step up their game even further. As Chloe masturbates and watches, Macy leans back towards Chloe and climbs onto Jason’s dick to ride him.

When Chloe lays onto her back and takes Jason within, she gets to experience Jason’s cock between her thighs. Macy inserts her pussy on her sister’s mouth after confirming that Chloe is having a nice time. Macy enjoys riding Chloe’s face, as well as crawling down on her hands and knees to be in the thick of a sibling spit roast. As Jay bangs her, Chloe takes her turn in the center, gorging on Macy’s pussy secretions. He eventually makes it to the end, pulling back to jizz on Chloe’s lower back and ass. Macy agrees to bring both girls to the fair after following directions to lick Chloe clean and snowball Jason’s come with Chloe.

Pornstar: Chloe TempleMacy Meadows

Release Date: May 1, 2020


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