Go Get Your Step Brother | Threesome Sex

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Piper Perri and Jade Janzten are two inseparable friends who like to share things in common. Jade lost a bet to her friend, which they had made. Now Piper wants to claim her reward, which is fucking her friend’s step brother. But Piper has an extra request, as Jade cheated on the bet, she demands that her friend undress while she kisses her brother. Jade agrees and goes to get Logan with some reluctance. As soon as they arrive in the bedroom, Piper Perri begins to seduce the boy, while her friend begins undressing as they had agreed.

Go Get Your Step Brother

As soon as Logan gets hard enough, Jade joins them on the bed. Piper wants to make sure her friend is comfortable with the situation, so she starts sucking on her nipples while simultaneously rubbing her delicious clit. Meanwhile, the stepbrother starts licking Piper’s pussy. Predictably, Jade admits that she is very excited and that she is enjoying Piper’s licks, so the blonde ends up leaning forward to start licking her friend’s cunt, to make her even more excited.

Soon after, the naughty Piper orders Jade to pull her stepbrother’s dick out of his pants and masturbate him. It doesn’t take long for Jade to start sucking Logan’s cock at the same time with her friend. Piper tells Jade to ride her step-brother’s dick, and at first that’s when Jade reaches her limit. But when she sees how much fun Piper is having, she ends up not resisting the urge and ends up riding her brother’s dick.

Threesome sex is amazing

At this point Jade is already completely crazy with lust, thus ending all her fears. Therefore, it has become the perfect environment for a good afternoon of threesome sex, where everyone can enjoy good, pleasurable sensations. The young guy puts his sister in the doggy-style position and starts fucking her from behind. While being fornicated from behind, Jade takes the opportunity to lick Piper’s pussy, which is spread-legs in front of her. Logan manages to satisfy both girls at the same time, soon after, the guy pulls his cock out, and shoots all the cum in Piper and her little sister Jade’s face. At the end of this scene, Piper licks some cum and then shares it with her brunette friend. no doubt that threesome sex is amazing!

Pornsatar: Jade Jantzen, Piper Perri

Release Date: May 26, 2017


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