Whats In It For Me

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Tony is exhausted after a long day at school, so it’s understandable that he’s annoyed when he discovers his room door is open. Kamryn Jayde, his stepsister, is rummaging through his drawers and stealing his money. When Kamryn calls a friend and claims she has money, Tony finds out what his sister intends to do with it. When Tony confronts Kamryn, she initially lies about what she was doing in his room. When it becomes evident that Tony is aware of her activities, she eventually comes clean. Tony demands that Kamryn do something for him in return for not telling their parents. He’ll make it simple: he’s always admired her figure.

Kamryn begins by allowing Big Bro to see her perky all-naturals. Tony is craving more titties, so he tells Kamryn to take off her trousers. In its thong, her ass is magnificent. Tony makes a point of really enjoying each globe with forceful squeezes. Tony tells Kamryn to go down on her knees and use her laying lips to sucke his cock after she removes her panties. She gives him a sloppy deep throat BJ with some ball sucking thrown in for good measure. She then gets on the bed and spreads her thighs as per the instructions.

Tony doesn’t only want his sister on her back, though he’s fine with that. As he fucks Kamryn’s tight snatch, he takes her doggy style next so he can appreciate that enormous butt again. Tony pulls out and lies down when he’s satisfied, allowing Kamryn to finish him off. Until her brother gives her a mouthful of sperm to swallow, the loyal Latina hottie keeps sucking her brother’s dick.

Pornstar: Kamryn Jayde

Release Date: Apr 10, 2020


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