Studying Hard

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Alina Lopez is having a difficult time at school, but that’s okay because she has a plan to go to easy street. When her mother, Kit Mercer, and stepbrother, Rion King, get home, she’s texting with her pals on the couch. Kit is perplexed as to why Alina isn’t studying. Kit advises that Rion assist Alina when her stepdaughter is a complete jerk. This fits right in with Alina’s strategy.

As soon as Kit departs, Alina sets her sights on Rion. He tries to avoid his stepsister, but she’s attractive, and he’s eventually turned on. As soon as Alina notices, she switches from toying with her own twat and titties to sucking him off with his fuck stick. Rion can’t believe his lovely stepsis wants to get it on with him, so when Alina turns around and waves her ass in an invitation to perform a doggy-style pussy pounding, he jumps at the chance.

They then go on to Alina, who is riding Rion’s stiffie as he palms her ass with his large hands. She bends forward so he can play with her titties, then collapses onto her back so he can completely rule her little body. Rion attempts to get Alina to return to studying after he has pulled away to cum on her boobs. Alina informs him that he would be completing her schoolwork so that she does not inform her mother that he has been on to her.

Pornstar: Alina Lopez

Release Date: May 31, 2019


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