Labor Day Picnic Gets Sexual

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Prepared for a picnic on Labor Day are Penelope Kay and Anna Claire Clouds. Codey Steele, Penelope’s stepbrother, decides to trick them. He approaches them covertly and squirts cleanser onto their butts. He explains that it states to “spray on flat surfaces,” which merely irritates the two children. They decide to tease him and act interested in having sex with him before showing him that their butts aren’t flat and leaving him with blue balls.

The girls invite Codey to their Labor Day picnic as they approach his room and declare that they are no longer angry with him. Codey is aware that everything they do is as sexual as they can make it. They drag Codey into the living room while claiming that he has a fever. As his stepsister and her warm buddy strip him naked, purportedly to cool him down, Codey watches in shock. Anna notices that his boner is incredibly nice and craves it when it suddenly springs free. She rubs Penelope’s twat to warm her up while also caressing and licking it while already on her knees. Penelope joins Codey in sucking him off after he makes a vow not to tell anyone.

The chicks go haywire once they commit. The girls take turns sucking Codey’s cock, helping each other display their tits in lots of pseudo-lesbian action. Penelope then assists Anna in turning around and performing a reverse cowgirl slam onto the D. Penelope suckes her nipples as Anna bounces off. She then enlists Anna’s help as she rides her stepbro’s dick in cowgirl. Laying down, Anna enjoys Penelope’s pussy on her face and Codey between her thighs. While Anna rubs Penelope’s clit and prods Codey to cum, Penelope plays with her stepbrother’s stiffie once more. Penelope’s stomach is covered in nuts when Codey pulls out, and Anna is quick to savor the moment and snowball it with her friend so they may both savor his salty surprise.

Pornstar: Anna Claire CloudsPenelope Kay

Release Date: Sep 2, 2022


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