Step Sisters Sexperiment

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Katie Kush has faith in her stepbrother, Brad Stirling, and seeks his assistance when she needs it. Brad is initially receptive to assisting his stepsister, but when Katie begins to outline the sex experiments she wants to attempt, Brad becomes more apprehensive. Katie is adamant, so Brad assists her in putting on a blindfold. Katie then has Brad deliver her an ice cube, which she uses to firm up her nipples. Brad is a little nervous about seeing his stepsister in such a situation, but Katie is desperate for his help.

Brad eventually stands up and takes his dick out, allowing Katie, who is still blindfolded, to wrap her hand around it and begin stroking. Katie leans back and pulls her miniskirt up and her underwear to the side so she can feel what it’s like for Brad to hit her while blindfolded. Katie realizes that she likes to watch her stepbro beat her despite the fact that her loss of sight enhances all of her other senses. She sees him in the eyes as he stands in front of her, hammering on that eager twat, then removes the blindfold completely.

Katie groans long and loudly as Brad administers a thorough pussy pounding, rolling onto her knees with her torso hanging over the sofa. Katie comes onto Brad’s lap as he takes a seat so she can put the titties in his face while riding him. Her tight twat pulses in excitement as she rotates around and plants her feet to ride Brad in reverse cowgirl. Katie opens wide and continues sucking till Brad gives her a cum facial that streams down her smiling mouth when she is finally happy with her sex adventures.

Pornstar: Katie Kush

Release Date: Feb 12, 2021


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