Stepsisters Secret Fetish

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Kyler Quinn enjoys masturbating, but she’s recently developed a taste for utilizing her stepbrother’s virtual reality to assist her. Rico Hernandez is baffled as to why his stepsister keeps snatching his virtual reality headset and bringing it into her room, and Kyler isn’t about to explain. Rico, on the other hand, will find out today. Rico goes in and discovers Kyler in the middle of masturbating with the VR. He believes she hasn’t noticed him creeping in, but she has, and she has decided to get the D today. Kyler abruptly begins talking about his stepfamily in a derogatory manner.

Rico is taken aback at first, but as Kyler’s vulgar stepfamily chatter leads to a stepbrother slamming her, he decides to take action. He slides his firm dick in after whipping it out. As Rico hands it to Kyler, she expresses her admiration for how lifelike the VR feels. When she eventually removes the headset, she is completely unconcerned with her stepbrother slamming into her. She wiggles her ass and rolls to her hands and knees, inviting Rico to give it to her in doggie. To Kyler’s groans, he grabs that massive ass and smacks it down.

Rico is pushed onto the bed by Kyler so she may have her way with him. She rides him in reverse cowgirl mode and bounces off to town. She lets Rico force himself up into her juicy snatch as she leans back to adjust up the angle of entry. That’s enough to give her the climax she’s been looking for, so she exits the D and lies down between Rico’s legs. She slurps and sucks in a passionate BJ with her mouth wide open until Rico rewards her efforts with a mouthful of come to savour. Kyler informs Rico that she will be keeping the VR and that he may go immediately.

Pornstar: Kyler Quinn

Release Date: Nov 26, 2021


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