My Best Friend Is Obsessed With My Brother

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In the kitchen, Kiara Cole and her friend Kenzie Reeves are painting as Kenzie tells Kiara about her stepbrother’s dick being rather large. She even makes a useful comparison. Kiara finally reveals that she has seen her stepbrother’s dick, and it is truly rather large. Kiara should attempt to join in on the fun, according to Kenzie. Kiara’s stepbrother, Damon Dice, is currently in the shower, and if they’re lucky, they can rile him up and give him a boner that they can both enjoy.

Damon is already wrapped in a towel when the females storm in. Kenzie lowers the towel and can’t believe her eyes when she sees how nicely Damon is hung. Damon is pushed down into the bed, and she shoves her pussy into his mouth so he can taste how wet she is for his cock. Kenzie grabs Kiara’s hand and demands that she yank Damon off as she rides his lips. She eventually persuades Kiara to take off her thong and join her on their hands and knees to prepare a pussy banquet for Damon. Then Kiara lets Kenzie convince her into a female on girl double stack with lots of spanking to make things extra hotter.

Damon is physically capable of giving both females a run for their money. As Kiara slams her pussy on her brother’s face, Kenzie gets a stiffie ride. Kenzie then jumps off, allowing Kiara to glide down and take Damon all the way inside. When Kenzie and Kiara are both pleased, they climb down from Damon and team up to work on him. They share his fuck stick as they touch and suck him to the point of no return, moving in synchrony. When Damon splatters them all over, the girls put their fingers in each other’s mouths to share their salty snack.

Pornstar: Kenzie ReevesKiara Cole

Release Date: Jul 31, 2020


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