Slip It In

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The hot Lana Rhoades is irritated because her stepbrother Tony urinated on the toilet seat. She expects him to wipe up the pee, especially what’s on her large a$$. His stepsister’s bottom has completely turned him on. He starts jacking off while Lana’s back is turned. He gets his stepsister close enough to put it into her eager twat by pulling her closer. Once Lana learns how nice it feels, she can’t stop herself from riding her stepbrother’s stiffie.

When Lana turns around, she pulls out her enormous tits for Tony to enjoy. She’s on her knees soon, licking him off with her plump lips before climbing back onboard. Her trimmed snatch is lovely and creamy as she bounces her hips up and down while jiggling her knockers. Tony can’t get enough, especially now that Lana has given him control.

Lana extends herself wide, bringing her knees up to her chin, allowing Tony to pound her pussy while caressing her clit. Then she falls to her knees so that he can bring her home in a grand finale. As Tony jacks himself off to the tantalizing sight of his stepsister’s breasts, she shoves her enormous boobs together, giving her stepbrother the perfect landing area for his cumshot.

Pornstar: Lana Rhoades

Releas Date: Apr 20, 2018


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