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Zac Wilde has just finished cooking a lunch when he enters the room to find his stepsisters, Maya Kendrick and Vanna Bardot, dressed identically and inviting him to play with them. Zac doesn’t think much of it because it’s unsettling and the girls don’t stick around. The females come back the next morning when he wakes up, and this time they aren’t going to stop until they have what they want. To make their intentions clear, the females climb onto the bed and exchange a long kiss, then crawl up Zac’s body to give him a double blowjob.

Maya hops atop her stepbrother’s fuck stick when the females eventually drop the gowns and return to their mutual blowjob. Vanna pulls her adoptive sister’s hair back and suckles her titties while she mounts with a rhythmic swinging of her hips. Zac has no idea what’s going on, but he’s content to let the females have their way with him for the time being. When Vanna and Maya switch places, he keeps playing stud while Vanna takes him for a spin.

Maya goes down on her knees to ask Zac to get more involved in their lovemaking. Vanna smothers Maya’s moans with sweet kisses as he delivers it to her from behind. Vanna then gets a second spin, this time flat on her back with her knees lifted up to her shoulders, ready for Zac to pound away at her cock hungry pussy. Zac obliges Maya by aiming for her lips as she leans in, pulling out to cum at the last second. Her jizz is just what she needs to pass her treat back and forth with Vanna.

Pornstar: Maya KendrickVanna Bardot

Release Date: Oct 18, 2019


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