Who Can Go The Longest Stepbro

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The rivalry between Celestina Blooms and her stepbrother Codey Steele is intense. Codey is becoming tired of Celestina’s constant rule changes that give her the advantage every time. A disagreement over a game of cards results in Codey storming out. When left to her own devices, Celestina takes the vibrator she keeps tucked under her pillow and attacks. She is really getting into it as Codey returns, with one hand on her tit and the other buried under her underpants. They both admit that they can hear each other having a good time, and then they place a wager that whoever can go the longest without masturbating will get to be the boss of the other.

Celestina is prone to using deception, as is her nature. Later on that day, as she exits the bathroom carrying a towel, she purposefully drops it in front of Codey. Her attempt to provide Codey with spanking bank fodder doesn’t seem to succeed, but it does provide Codey the opportunity to engage in dirty play as well. Celestina is already sitting on the couch when he approaches and slips up behind her to set her handbag and vibrator down close. Codey pretends he is heading to the grocery when Celestina catches him. His stepsister takes the bait and begins using the vibe on her cum-loving twat as he pretends to depart, watching as she does so. Celestina queries Codey’s instructions when he calls her out. Codey needs to think. Even when Celestina presents a weak argument, it is clear that she has been yearning after her stepbro’s dick.

Celestina, who is now on her knees, makes Codey happy because he requested a BJ. That sufficiently reduces their distance so that Celestina consents to Codey’s request for a stiffie ride when he sits on the couch. She starts off in cowgirl mode before switching to reverse cowgirl motion, where she may stroke her clit as she bounces off. Celestina then gets down on her hands and knees and demands a doggy-style pussy pounding. Codey is on the verge of cumming when she rolls over so he can finish her off on her back. Before exploding all over Celestina’s stomach and muff, he manages to escape and give himself a few last strokes. They both concur that they should fuck constantly now that they are aware of their attraction to one another.

Pornstar: Celestina Blooms

Release Date: Mar 4, 2022


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