Getting The Vote

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Allie Nicole is launching her political career by campaigning for class president. Jason, her stepbrother, comes in on her crafting signs for the schoolyard. Jason has been perverting his teen sister for a long, and today is no different as he takes out his dick for a quick handy before Allie spots him. She encourages him to vote for her and encourages him to convince his friends to do the same. She laughs that if she fucked the entire football team, everyone would vote for her, but Jason quickly reminds her that she’s the school slut and no one wants her as president.

Later, Allie dons some sultry underwear and waits until Jason is about to jack off before walking into his room without knocking. She offers to fuck him in exchange for his ensuring she receives some votes. Jason accepts his stepsister’s offer as long as she makes him come after reassuring him that their mother will not be home anytime soon. With a swollen lip BJ, Allie gets started on her part of the agreement, which leads to her riding Jason’s fuck stick front and rear.

Allie receives a hard pussy beating in her naked pussy as she falls onto her back, leaving her groaning. Allie flips onto her stomach and raises her ass up in the air since Jason isn’t ready to terminate their fuckfest yet. It’s tough not to be amused by Allie’s bubble butt jiggling as Jason smacks her in the back! Jason takes himself out of Allie’s tight glove as he nears the finish line and jacks himself off all over her breasts and stomach while assuring her she has a strong chance of winning the election.

Pornstar: Allie Nicole

Release Date: Mar 15, 2019



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