My Step Sis Is A Gamer Girl

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Sarah Lace is a gaming girl, which irritates her stepbrother Charles Dera, who is attempting to sleep. Sarah agrees to try to keep it down when Charles tells her to. He awakens up a few minutes later to the sound of something buzzing. Sarah, who is hiding her vibrator behind her, insists it’s her controller. When Charles sleeps down again, Sarah quickly returns to work on her pussy. Charles encounters Sarah for the second time. She says it’s her mother’s vibrator, but she’s so horny she can’t help herself. Charles finally tells her that he simply wants to go back to sleep after some back and forth.

With her stepbrother’s cock so close at hand, Sarah proposes a deal: she’ll suck him off till he falls asleep. After she shows off her tongue and ass for his delight, he ultimately agrees to take her up on her offer. When Charles asks, Sarah takes her time taking out of her leggings for her stepbro, spreading her ass cheeks for the maximum display. She eventually gets to provide the sloppy BJ she’s been craving for, complete with plenty of deep throat action. A BJ, of course, isn’t quite enough for this cock-hungry coed. She eventually requests that Charles fuck her so she may come.

Sarah rises to her feet and bends over the table, allowing Charles to strike her from behind. That lovely cock is one thing, but Sarah decides to flip over and show Charles how she truly wants it with the Rabbit. Following his stepsis’s demonstration, Charles places his cock in the toy’s place. They continue in this manner until the sofa pulls them across the room. Sarah pushes Charles onto his back, sucks him again, and then climbs to the top to bounce about on the D. Sarah is willing to do all of the effort, but Charles manages to get her back on her feet so he can give it to her again. Charles pulls out and bursts all over his tummy as Sarah is finally satisfied. Sarah vows she’ll stay quiet and let Charles sleep, but if he has difficulties falling asleep, he may come to her.

Pornstar: Sarah Lace

Release Date: Jun 11, 2021


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