It Just Slipped In

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At the breakfast table, Kyle Mason and his stepsister Zoe Parker quarrel over the milk. When Kyle spills it all over Zoe, she pulls her shirt off and pushes him to the couch. Kyle is wearing boxers, while she is only wearing a thong. His dick rips out of his underwear and slips into Zoe’s creamy snatch during the scuffle. She adores the sensation and treats him as if he were her personal horse. When he tosses her onto her back, she completely surrenders, her entire body pulsating with pleasure. Kyle gluts Zoe with a cum creampie a few moments later.

Zoe is caught sneaking into the house the next morning. Kyle is offered a blowjob by the towering coed. She slips out of her thin top and starts stroking and licking her stepbrother’s stiffie as soon as he accepts. Her deep throat adventure makes her as steamy as Kyle’s hardon, leaving her rubbing her clit and hoovering Kyle’s hardon. She doesn’t stop until he’s stuffed her mouth full of jizz, which dribbles down her face as she laps it up like a happy cat.

After a few days, Zoe takes a shower while Kyle looks on and covertly masturbates. She expresses her desire to screw him one last time. They begin their relationship with yet another blowjob, which Zoe offers with a wide grin. Kyle then climbs atop a table and bangs his stepsister into her naked fuck hole. They had acrobatic sex in the shower, as Zoey bends over to get her pussy hammered from behind. She gets down on her knees as soon as she’s had her fill of cumming so Kyle can give her the facial she craves.

Pornstar: Zoe Parker

Release Date: Sep 22, 2017


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