Step Sis Has The Best Cookies

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Kinsley Kane and Tristan Summers, both scouts, are trying hard to sell their cookies. It’s a friendly competition to see who can sell the last box. They still need to sell a couple more items to get there. They’re still in their underwear, but Kinsley has the brilliant idea to go sell cookies to her stepfather right now. Tristan attempts to persuade Kinsley that she shouldn’t go out in that outfit because her father would have a heart attack. Kinsley goes ahead and makes a transaction, despite Tristan’s protests.

The girls take a break from their playful squabbles to put on their scout outfits. Kinsley’s stepbrother, Connor Kennedy, walks through the room as they wrap up. Connor states he only has enough money to buy from one of the females when the girls try to sell him cookies. If Connor buys from Kinsley, she promises to show him her titties. Tristan screams again, but this time she’s not going to let her BFF put her down. She also shows her tits. Kinsley, not to be outdone, pulls Connor’s boner out and begins stroking him off. Tristan just pauses for a fraction of a second before diving into a double BJ with her companion.

Kinsley is still certain that she will win, so she kneels and gives her pussy to Connor to fuck. Tristan relaxes back and masturbates to the sight of the stepsiblings having it on, so he takes her up on the doggie delight. Kinsley eventually draws Tristan into the fray by forcing her to devour her buddy and then encouraging her to ride Connor’s cock. Tristan gets a nice pussy beating on her back, as Kinsley rides her mouth. That position is enough to propel Connor to a massive finish, leaving Tristan cum coated and Kinsley cleanly lapping her. This is when Connor admits he doesn’t have enough money to buy cookies from any of them.

Pornstar: Kinsley KaneTristan Summers

Release Date: May 7, 2021


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