Unwrapping Step Sis For Christmas

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Tyler Nixon, Jewelz Blu’s stepbrother, and she enjoy a decent connection, but things are going to take a turn for the worst this Christmas. Jewelz informs Tyler that she has discovered where Mom and Dad concealed their gifts and invites him to see them with her. They sneak inside the closet in the dark to feel the wrapped goods. There are a couple additional disasters since it’s so dark and the quarters are so gloomy. Tyler gets a taste of Jewelz’s boobs by mistake, but she gets a grasp of his dick. In the moment, they laugh it off, but Jewelz can’t help worrying about what her stepbrother is bringing.

She afterwards starts feeling up her sumptuous body in her room while daydreaming about her brother’s cock. She peels her shorts down to expose her silky naked twat and uses her magical fingers to work on her clit. Her juicy titties were quickly popped out, allowing her to play with them as well. It’s all wonderful, but it’s not what Jewelz truly desires. Jewelz decides to pursue Tyler rather than remain masturbating and daydreaming. Tyler shoots Jewelz down despite her best attempts. A weaker girl might be discouraged, but Jewelz is unflappable.

She tries once more, covering herself in a blanket and hiding behind the Christmas tree until Tyler discovers her. Her second try is far more persuasive. Tyler is soon down on his knees, caressing her enormous boobs. She then pulls him in close so she can pry his hardon out of his shorts and have a taste. Jewelz realizes that sucking cock just makes her want more, so she turns around and lets Tyler smash into her doggy style. Her tits bounce with every stroke as she rides on his stiffie, but the true orgasmic joy comes when she’s on her back with her brother burying balls deep within her. Jewelz is finally satisfied that she has received what she wanted for Christmas when Tyler pulls out and covers her chest and face with cum.

Pornstar: Jewelz Blu

Release Date: Dec 20, 2019


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