My Stepsisters Fetish

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Zach Wild, Jazmin Luv’s stepbrother, is completely unaware of her feelings for him. Jazmin goes into Zach’s bathroom and borrows his electric toothbrush and body massager as part of her fantasy. Jazmin retires to her room and begins to remove her clothing while playing with the massager and then the toothbrush. When Zach walks in, she’s just about to settle in for some full-on masturbation. Jazmin has enough notice to hide, but Zach refuses to go despite her repeated requests. When Jazmin’s moaning becomes too much for Zach to bear, he rips the duvet aside to see what his obnoxious stepsister is up to.

Zach tries to leave, but Jazmin beckons him back and vows that if he remains, she’ll suck his dick and fuck him. Zach isn’t about to refuse down Jazmin’s offer, even if he’s not sure where it came from. Jazmin follows through on her promise. She starts devouring the D as soon as Zach gets near enough, and she’s so excellent at it that Zach is fine with him brushing her twat with his toothbrush to keep her party going. Jazmin then goes around and kneels in front of Zach, offering herself to him.

Zach glides into Jazmin’s plump snatch, his hands anchored on her hips. As she arches backwards to meet his deep thrusts, she mewls with joy. When Zach had wrung the first climax from his svelte stepsister. He rolls over and assists Jazmin in impaling herself on his dick. Zach helps Jazmin bounce away at a cock appealing tempo while she rubs her own clit by lifting her knees high. Then Jazmin wakes up on her back, holding her stepbrother’s toothbrush to her clit and her stepbrother’s dick in her pussy, the ideal combination to make her come so hard! Zach arrives a fraction of a second later, pulling out to nut all over Jazmin’s exposed pussy. Before they start squabbling again, there’s very little afterglow, but at least they know they can fuck their issues away for a bit.

Pornstar: Jazmin Luv

Release Date: Jul 16, 2021


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