My Slutty Step Sister

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Tony is about to settle in to watch TV when Uma Jolie walks in and instructs him to take his feet off the couch so she can sit down. It’s not long before Uma approaches Tony and asks for a loan. Uma chooses to grab the money out of Tony’s pocket when he says no. She explains it by claiming that Tony’s father is causing her mother problems. Uma receives a call from someone who isn’t her lover, which interrupts their dispute. Tony has picked up on Uma’s infidelity and promiscuous behavior. He makes the decision to face her. He demonstrates that he has captured her chat on tape.

When she’s forced to make a decision, Uma resolves to persuade Tony to keep his mouth quiet in the most basic way imaginable. She’ll do everything to silence him, even allowing him to carry out his fantasies by fucking his stepsister. Uma doesn’t like it, but she has no option but to pull her stuff down so he can feel up those young titties. She then goes down on her knees and removes her leotard and shorts. She lets Tony take his cock out on her knees so she can start sucking with her sassy mouth.

Uma gives little opposition as Tony urges her to turn around so he can fuck her doggy style after her deep throat BJ. As he hammers away at his sister’s ass, it fits nicely into his palms. She massages her titties and squeezes her nipples on her back as Tony continues to pound her pussies. Uma then gets onto his cock and rides him back and forth. As he gets Uma back on her knees so he can blow his load on her ass, he’s ready to come. Tony’s quiet is guaranteed by Uma’s performance in bed.

Pornstar: Uma Jolie

Release Date: Nov 29, 2019

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