You Got Me Pregnant

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Natalia Queen comes on Brad Sterling’s door to inform him that they fucked a month ago when Brad was blackout drunk and that she is now pregnant. Over breakfast, she proposes they notify Brad’s mother, Claudia Monet. Natalia presses Brad to reveal her secret during breakfast, but Brad refuses to be intimidated. Claudia gets up to fetch a drink, giving Natalia the opportunity to attempt to persuade Brad to inform. When he declines, Natalia forces the issue by approaching Brad and asking Claudia if she’s noticed how well they’re getting along. Natalia then drops some cutlery and begs Brad to grab it for her because she shouldn’t be eating it in her state. Natalia makes seductive gestures towards Brad as he is under the table. Brad walks away, unable to bear it any longer.

Natalia contacts her buddy a few days later to inform her how effective her prank was. Natalia’s buddy advises Natalia to persuade Brad that they must marry and that they should practice sleeping together. A buddy has requested humiliating images. Natalia agrees to give it a go, so she changes into her pajamas and goes to Brad’s bedside to inform him. Instead of telling her to go, Natalia removes her top and asks if he wants to see her like this every day. She then reclines and displays her meaty raw pussy to him. As Brad strips, Natalia films, but she drops her phone and starts looking for it. Brad then moves behind her and penetrates her tight pussy.

Natalia hadn’t expected it to go this far, but once she tasted Brad’s dick, she was hooked. She takes it all in stride, groaning her ecstasy throughout. She then rolls over and puts her legs into the air, allowing Brad to pound her. Natalia hops atop Brad’s fuck stick after a fast BJ and rides him while her tan lined titties bounce. With his massive hands on her hips, he holds her in position while pistoning in and out of her until he replies to her demands to cum within her. Natalia acknowledges the entire pregnancy was a big joke, satisfied with her creampie.

Pornstar: Natalia Queen

Release Date: Nov 22, 2019


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