Resisting My Stepsis Is Futile

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Tommy King is Charlie’s new stepsister, and he is overjoyed. Charlie is teaching Tommy a card game as they enjoy some quality time together. He has volunteered to instruct her in the game of war. Tommy is informed by Charlie that he enjoys placing bets everytime he plays a game. He warns Tommy that she’ll have to wash his motorcycle in a bikini if he prevails.

Naturally, Charlie has loaded the deck, so he easily prevails. Tommy is instructed to put on her bikini and meet him in the backyard. She follows through on her promise, washing Charlie’s bike in her little bikini and does it in the sexiest manner imaginable. Tommy removes his bikini completely as the suds become too much. She then acknowledges that ever since moving in, she had wanted to fuck Charlie.

With plenty of deep throat action now that everything is in the open, Tommy gives Charlie the blowjob they’ve both been fantasizing about. She jiggles her enormous ass and receives a pussy hammering a la a dog. In order to leave herself wide open for Charlie to slam into her velvet glove, Tommy rolls onto her back and draws her knees up to her chest. Next up comes a stiffie ride in reverse cowgirl, followed by a ride in cowgirl, so that massive ass can push Charlie all the way to the brink of cumming. Tommy sucks her fluids off the D before moving to her side to allow Charlie to give her a nice, hard fuck. At the last second, Charlie convinces Tommy to deliver a mouthful of come while she is on her knees.

Pornstar: Tommy King

Release Date: Dec 2, 2022


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